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Or, we can come to your workplace.

Relaxing at Home

Distance healing

A reiki treatment can also be given remotely. 
It works because energy is not limited by time and distance. Some clients find that distance reiki can be even more powerful than a hands-on treatment.

What my clients are saying

"I felt a deep sense of calm after about 10 minutes. I also experienced a popping sensation in my right ankle and after that, the tendonitis I'd had for about a week, just disappeared. Tendonitis is a horrible thing that can last for months so that was huge for me.  Thanks Vicky!"

Alex, Winchester, distance reiki session

Tea Set

Reiki is a holistic energy treatment that originated in Japan.  The word reiki means universal life force energy. 

During a reiki treatment, I channel this life force energy to you by gently laying my hands on your body.

The energy induces relaxation and calmness, helps to re-charge and raise the vibration of your energy field, clear any blockages and negative energy and boost your body's natural healing abilities. 

Reiki treatments are relaxing, gentle and suitable for everyone and promote a sense of wellbeing - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Benefits of reiki

A reiki treatment can help to:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

  • Ease pain - clients report relief, in particular, from migraine, menstrual cramps and injury

  • Energise, reduce fatigue and improve sleep

  • Reduce emotional distress - particularly useful for clients who find a talking therapy difficult

  • Relieve menstrual and menopausal symptoms

  • Aid recovery from surgery, injury and long-term illness

Find out more about reiki, how it works and what to expect during a treatment

** Reiki is a complimentary therapy so should be used alongside any existing treatment

you are receiving from a GP or healthcare professional - it should not replace it. **

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