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Single treatment

1 session

Reiki Treatment

 Treatment package

5 x sessions

What is reiki?

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How does reiki work?

During a Reiki treatment, I channel healing energy to you.


As the energy flows through you, it goes to where it is needed, re-charging and raising the vibration of your energy field and clearing any blockages and negative energy.


In doing so it strengthens and heals the energy pathways allowing energy to flow freely, promoting a sense of health and wellbeing relieving physical symptoms as well as emotional or mental stressors.

Reiki originated in Japan in the 1930s. It is a natural and gentle energy healing treatment suitable for anyone.

Its premise is that life force energy flows through our bodies.  When there is a block in this energy flow, we can feel unwell.  A reiki treatment can help to gently release the suppressed energy, re-balancing its flow and restoring wellbeing. 

As  a complimentary therapy it should be used alongside any existing treatment you are receiving from a GP or healthcare professional - it should not replace it.

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The benefits of reiki

A Reiki treatment promotes relaxation and calmness, which in turn helps boost your body's natural healing abilities.

A Reiki treatment can help to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Ease pain 

  • Energise, reduce fatigue and improve sleep

  • Reduce emotional distress - particularly useful if you find a talking therapy difficult

  • Relieve menstrual and menopausal symptoms

  • Aid recovery from surgery, injury and long-term illness

At the very least, clients report that a reiki treatment is highly relaxing, promoting a sense of well being and a great night's sleep.

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What to expect
In-person treatments

You'll lay fully clothed, on a massage table, or sit if that's more comfortable. And simply relax. I provide blankets if you are cold.

I will place my hands lightly on your body in different positions, each being held for a few minutes.

You may feel some heat, some cold, a light tingling, itching or pins and needles sensation in your body but everyone's experience is unique. 

Clients report feeling highly relaxed and calm during a treatment and some drift in and out of sleep.

Reiki healing

What to expect
Distance reiki healing

A reiki treatment can also be given remotely – known as distance healing. 


Distance reiki works because energy is not limited by time and distance.

The treatment lasts for an hour.  You just need to find a quiet place to sit or lie down – somewhere where you can relax and won’t be disturbed.


The session is not carried out online.  I call you briefly at the start to understand if there are any particular areas or issues you’d like me to focus on.  After we’ve spoken, I’ll hang up and give you a few minutes to get comfortable before starting the treatment.  

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